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About Mold

Mold can grow any place where conditions are permissible. Mold requires two things in order cultivate: moisture and a source of nutrients; anything can serve as a source of nutrients, from drywall (sheetrock), insulation, carpet, to mattresses. Moisture can be caused by many factors, such as elevated levels of humidity due to A/C malfunctions, leaky water lines, broken electro-domestics’ water supply, roof leak, sewer backup, faulty plumbing, etc.

It is recommended that the mold be evaluated and removed by a certified specialist because removing mold, even in small spaces, can create a larger problem by causing the spores to spread the through the entirety of the home. Due to this, when we do the mold restorations, we isolate the contaminated space(s) and use equipment that filters the air to a 99.9% effectiveness.  

Our Services

We are licensed and insured professionals with up-to-date equipment and experience in dealing with mold, water and fire damage, and their consequences, with one principal objective: to sanitize your environment in order to improve your quality of life. 

Our Services are:

  • Emergency restoration Services 
  • Storm and disaster restoration
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water restoration 
  • Mold restoration 
  • Fire restoration 
  • Mold Inspections 
    •  Visual inspections are free of charge  
  • And more!

We provide residential and commercial services.

Remember that most repairs in your home may be covered by insurance!                           

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